3929 STUDIOS

39 W 29 Street 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10001                

646 727 7032               .


We have 11 newly renovated studios from a size of 10 X 11 to 17 x 22.  The information below will assist you through the booking process with us.  




Before 5pm Monday-Friday:

    Prices start @ $11 per hour.


Before 5pm Saturday and Sunday:

    Prices start @ $13 per hour.            


After 5pm Monday-Sunday:

    After 5pm prices start @ $18 per hour




Payment must be received before the room is used, without exception.  

You must confirm your booking within the time frame requetsed otherwise we cancel your booking automatically.  To confirm, pay online.  If you need to cancel, simply send us an email.

Long-term rentals available.


You are responsible for damage to the room during your use.  We will refuse to continue booking any client who is disrespectful to our space.




3929 Studios does not accept tap dancing, clogging, or flamenco dancing, or any dance involving stomping.  

Open-call auditions are not permitted.  Violations will result in stopping the audition without a refund.  

Hallways are not to be used for warming up and must be kept clear and quiet.  

Your booking time includes any set-up/clean-up, and must be respected or you will be charged for the extra time.

3929 Studios is not responsible for any injuries sustained on the property, or for any personal belongings.

We offer tables, chairs, pianos, and more, as well as wi-fi access, so ask us when booking about any equipment you will need.

In order for us to assign you the most appropriate studio, please thoroughly describe the use of the space when making the reservation.







Monday-Thursday 4-11pm

Friday closed

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm