3929 STUDIOS

39 W 29 Street 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10001                

646 727 7032               .



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For the most efficient service, please send us an email with the information listed below:  


-What date(s) do you need space?


-What is your start and end time?


-How many people will you have in the room?


-Is it for acting, photo shoot, meeting, dancing, or something else (please specify)?


-If dancing, what type of dancing?


-Is it a rehearsal or an audition?



For audition space we require you not to schedule more then 6 people per hour and and we do not allow open calls.


As soon as we have the above information, we will look into your request and reply with the options.



telephone: 646 727 7032



Monday-Thursday 4-11pm

Friday closed

Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm



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